We believe, first and foremost, that eye health IS health.
Annual eye care isn’t an inconvenience, or a formality. It’s a necessity. Everyone needs and deserves easy access to great eye care.
Convenience is great, except when it’s not.
Convenience so you can streamline care and get your prescription earlier? Great! Convenience so that you can skip your annual eye exam? Not.
We believe there’s no replacement for a qualified eye care professional.
The best quality eye care can only happen through a strong, patient-centered doctor-patient relationship.
We believe in the efficacy, professionalism, experience and ability of optometrists and eye care professionals.
We put our vision—and the vision of the world—in their capable hands.
Just like no technology can replace our eyesight, we believe no technology can replace the good, face-to-face care of an eye doctor.
We believe in making things simple and easy for both doctor and patient.
We offer convenience, not the best rates.
We believe in opening things, not closing them.
We don’t dictate prices, or negotiate contracts. We’re open to all eye care providers who want to be part of our mission.
And we believe no telehealth, no ecommerce, no vision plan or business decision, no brand or contract, should get in the way of the one and only reason we all should be here: the best possible eye care.

Because the best eye care is your care